our journey to the wonderlands of pollachi coco peat and fiber factory

OUR BENLION COIR INDUSTRY FACTORY VISIT It was a hot day we arrived in the benlion coir industry factory in india.The office is eco friendly Not using any airconditioner the good wind from the hiily region of pollachi help the employees To work with out airconditioner.we have met the managing director Mr Benny Mathew who started He is carreer in timber wood trading later to eucalyptus trees supplier then to furniture factory. He also operated a fleet of 20 trucks.very simple person and humble in operation.He offered us the nature drink and took us around the factory. Lorry with husk arrived and one person his random checking the quality and the women worker Started feeding the husk to Beater and the husk is beaten and fiber came out then he took us To the water curing yard where fiber is soaked in water and tractor takes the fiber and again put it into the Chamber of decinticator and fiber is comes out which is moved to the drying yard the cemented floors are well cleaned and pre treatment is done to avoid any parasites.Mr Benny explained us the floors are Washed with washer pump.The fiber is spread in the yard by male workers and female workers jointly they sing a song and enjoy by doing this and tractor came and reshuffle the fiber .The dried fiber is taken to the screening machine then it went to curled coir machine then to winding machine then It is stacked in bundles of 30kgs.we asked the technician he said that 14 -18 twisted is found in running foot of 3/4inch. We have also seen the fibre is baled in 30kgs which we came to understood is for various other purpose We went to bailing press and found 120kgs is baled with compression.After bailing he is put staple And loaded in containers.we seen the container is fumigating. We went back and seen coir pith is falling from the desiindicator to the tractor when it is full he asked us To follow it so we just followed  the tractor is full of coirpith and when we going he showed us various Coir pith beds and as per the financial capacity people making beds.we found that benlion coir industry is having a huge land bank for coir pith and the tractor reached in the lands the women workers are Awaiting to unload the cargo. The coir pith bed is made of 4ft and water is a main and Mr Benny shown the water tank he also own the fleet of lorryies to carry water .We have seen the water is pumped into the pith bed and seen the leginin is coming out of pith this is content make coir peat a failure but benlion taking 15 times the EC in the bed to make sure Ec is in the range of 0.50.They have documented By giving serial number to the coir pith beds.quality controller is taking care of the job.we have seen the women worker is making a plough and when dried using brooms the coco peat is collected and  bagged. Benlion coir industries also kept a policy of not collecting any coco peat below 1ft so that no sand contents will be there.When little cloud came every body started worrying we check and found that If it rains it is very difficult to get coco peat.The baged coco peat is again taken back to factory so we Gone back to factory after a finishing our nature delights lunch with benlion coir industries team.we have a very good south Indian delights and since it is easter he couldn’t serve us any fish,chicken But all delicious food served with coconut oils and coconut meat. The baged coco peat is opened again gone for screening and then it went through a chamber And reach the coco brick making machine.The sound of brick and his finish is like a smooth The brick is some times binded together which he removes .The bricks are well laid in the pallet And palletisation taken place.We seen he is busy with loading of container to USA.when we enquired The availability of raw material he said it is dearth but maintaining good rapport with suppliers he is getting the material prices are shooting up. He took us to his coconut plantation a beautiful scenery we never forget pollachi he also said he cant Forget this beautiful place so he made it as a template of his website www.benlioncoirindustries.com

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courtesy www.naturalcoirindustries.com

Q. What is peat?

A. Peat is made of incompletely decomposed plant remains.

Q. What is the pH of peat?

A. Peat ranges from alkaline to acidic

Q. Where does peat come from?

A. They come from the remaining peatlands that cover about 4 million km2. The majority of peatlands are found in Northern climates. This includes Canada and the U.S.

Q. How much peat can an extractor remove in a year?

A. Up to 22cm in depth. Around 220 years of accumulation.

Q. Where are the majority of peatlands found?

A. The largest known concentrations are found in Canada , Alaska , Northern-Europe, Western Siberia, South-East Asia , and parots of the Amazon basin.

Q. What is Fiber Grow?

A. Fiber Grow is an alternative to peat. It is made up of renewable coconut coir.

Q. What is Coir?

A. Coir is a consists of the outer husks of coconuts.

Q. What is the pH of Coir?

A. Coir is pH neutral.

Q. Is Coir a renewable resource?

A. Yes, coconuts grow 4 times a year vs. a peat bog which grows at 1mm a year. The tree, nor surrounding area is harmed. Only the husk is used for horticulture, while the rest of the coconut is used elsewhere, the majority for the food industry.

Q. Is Coir biodegradable?

A. Yes, coir is organic plant material and will biodegrade over time. Coir pellet mesh is also made from natural ingredients is biodegradable as well.

Q. Where can I buy Fiber Grow products?

A. You can buy Fiber Grow products at your local garden retailer or hardware store. If they do not carry it, ask your store for it benlion

brand of coco peat.

Q. Are Fiber Grow pellets proven to work as well as the leading peat pellet?

A. Yes. They have been tested at the University of Guelph in Canada .

COIR FANS please send your comments to benlioncoirindustries@gmail.com let us know how you are benefited by coco peat.

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